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MOJA, FREDERICO (1802-1885) Circle.

MOJA, FREDERICO (1802-1885) Circle.


"Bartolomeo Colleoni Statue, Venice" (c.1860-1870)

oil on panel



*private collection, Sydney


This stunning oil was completed by a pupil of revered Italian Painter & Instructor, Federico Moja (1802-1885). Moja is known best for his vedute paintings and views of interior architecture, particularly of Venice, inspired by the work of 17th century masters, Canaletto & Guardi. A veduta is a highly detailed, usually large-scale painting or, more often, print of a cityscape or some other vista. The painters of vedute are referred to as vedutisti. In 1841, Moja moved to Venice, where he was appointed professor of perspective at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1845. He replaced Tranquillo Orsi at that position. He began to specialise in vedute of Venice and cities in the Veneto region, which were sent regularly to the exhibitions of the Milan Academy of Fine Arts and to the Turin Società Promotrice di Belle Arti, and was probably involved in the decoration of Palazzo Reale in Venice in 1855. Moja instructed countless students in Venice vedute painting, including Luigi Querena. His style is unmistakable, and this was transferred to his pupils. This work is unsigned, however the quality and subject matter place the artist in the circle of Moja, whom also completed studies of this statue!!

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